October 15, 2012

The ISO rating for the fire department went from 7/9 to 5/8b. The ‘5’ is a rating that refers to people within 1,000 feet of a fire hydrant in the City of Latexo. The ‘8b’ refers to residents within 5 road miles of either station. The subdivisions surrounding the Marina, Golden Acres, and Tejas Shores are all within 5 miles of Station #2.

Contact your property insurance provider and let them know about the change – they are likely not aware of it.


September 17, 2012

New to Houston County Lake, a volunteer fire department has been established. The department resides in the Golden Acres Community, which is a branch of the Latexo Volunteer Fire Department (Station #2). The department was developed to provide a quicker response time to residents and property around the Houston County lake in emergency situations.

The department is comprised of 10 volunteers, and headed by Fire Chief, Larry Melson. They have three trucks in total – one grass truck and two engines.

The fire department is always in need of more volunteers. If you are interested, please take a moment to look at the requirements here. You can find an application to join the Crockett Volunteer Fire Department here.




September 12, 2012

Loved by fishermen, feared by many, stumps have been a staple feature to particular areas of the Houston County Lake. While some locals may have the ‘danger zones’ ingrained into their memory, new boaters and lake visitors are left stumped. What may appear to be boating-friendly areas to some, can occasionally contain stumps inches below the surface of the water – creating a hazard to boaters, passengers, and their beloved vessels.

A preliminary meeting will be held to discuss removal of these dangerous stumps in particular areas of the lake. For more information, please contact Matt Raines via email at: director@frontiercamp.org